Sunday, February 28, 2010



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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let the flames begin.


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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Follow me on Twitter if you happen to see this.HAHA.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

hi dickheads.
this morning soccer with the usual group of soccer people since secondary school was kinda fun at our usual court 'Dehydrate'.been a while since we played soccer together. all thanks to the last sat pub session gathering that we decided we should save our saturdays for us guys.this coming sar will have another pub session.hopefully no one backs out this time and more of our usual hangout ppl will go together.i bet its gonna be better than the previous.
honestly i don't get why more and more of ppl who listens to mainstream music are listening to Escape the Fate now and they are like making them sound like as if they are so hardcore rock or screamo.its like the same theory as A7X.they are not even close to hard rock.i like underground bands and hates it when it starts to get mainstream.
anyway i just started to learn to play i still can't really get the hang of it after a few weeks of playing with kin and skill like on and least now i somehow know how the game works.just in case next time out of wasting time anybody wanna play dota i might not be the lousiest.but anyway a big thanks to them for spending time training me and their guidance.FUCK.hahaha.
school just started to get better.watching movies after sch.chicks hunting and unforeseen circumstance.but the project part..fucked up as usual.


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Friday, June 12, 2009

time for me to blog again..
I think this 2 and a half weeks of holidays is almost just right.not too long,not too short. that's partly because i will miss looking at the chicks in school.but anyway today was my virginity to a pub with JJ and Yenn at Beaver's. did't expect our project day could end up in a pub. and a girl working there was from my secondary school and she came over and talk to me. i did't even realised that she was from my school even when i was ordering from her until she told me. once i drink it's never enough man. even now at home im still drinking my barcadi with orange juice.
but anyway, i'm currently in water polo and i just came back from camp last 2 days. seriously it's not as easy as anyone might think.stamina is what i lacked in the game. so i have decided to stop buying any packs unless its during club. just need to prepare for the upcoming POL-LITE and maybe the IVP.
life have been good always.every single time my dad came back from overseas,the whole house is so occupied with nice foods.i just need to go to the supermarket with him and take whatever i want and he will buy it.and i would be loaded with how i wish he is in singapore all the time.
and i can't wait for mike's birthday party in 2 months's gonna be such a bomb i guess.
and i'm looking for people to go to summerfest tomorrow at sentosa.hopefully i get some response from some guys.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

finally tomorrow would be year 2. time flies and it sucks somehow. that means year 1 chick hunting would start tomorrow. this holiday was too much of a relaxing holiday for me. no work no nothing. only fun,watching tv shows,chill out, supper and sleep. that could be a good or bad thing.
greatest thing that happened recently would be taking up class 3 driving license course. hopefully it can keep me occupied for quite a long period. need to prepare for EOY road trip,4M3 gathering and maybe a party.
nice to see you again blog. BYE.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

My beloved used-to-be volleyball instructor,Eugenia,asked me to spread this around. so im gonna do her this favour. She said..

eugenia misses Belle very much : worldvision redefined - The Eyes Have It said:
kw, can help me spam?

Hi, I found 3 kittens today.

All 3 of them are skinny, filthy and infested with fleas. I have sent them to the vet and they have received deworming treatment. I will be spending the next few days cleaning them up until they are flea-free.

They are estimated to be one and a half months old, and all of them already have their eyes opened. They are gentle and quiet, and loves attention. Very well-behaved.

Out of 3 kittens, 1 looks like a calico and the other 2 are ginger/white.

Will have some photos up once they are cleaned up. Hope someone will adopt them asap as my parents are allergic to cat fur. I will also be posting them up on CWS once I have their photos.

Please consider to adopt them. If you can't adopt them, please help to spread the word to your friends. I will pay for all vaccination and sterilization fees.

Please help these kittens. Thank you very much!

so any thoughts of getting a kitten you can just tell me.

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